Los Angeles Pumping specializes in handling, transporting, and disposing of solid and liquid commercial and industrial wastes.

Our team is highly experienced and excels at finding solutions for unique or unexpected waste removal challenges. We work with Southern California businesses ranging from manufacturing facilities and production sites to small mom-and-pop shops that need a couple of tanks emptied.

Customers keep coming back to Los Angeles Pumping because we put a premium on safety, professionalism, and relationships. If you are new to the waste removal field or are looking for a new service provider, please give us a call. We’ll be happy to discuss how we can help you and your business remove your waste in the most timely and cost-efficient way possible.

Common Waste Types Removed by Los Angeles Pumping include:

  • Absorbent
  • Clarifier Pumping
  • Cosmetic Waste
  • Contaminated Debris
  • Diesel Fuel
  • Drum Delivery
  • Drum Waste
  • Oily Water
  • Reclaimed Water Tank Pumping
  • Sump Pumping
  • Used Antifreeze
  • Used Oil Filters
  • Waste Oil
  • Waste Water
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California Environmental Reporting System (CERS) Reporting Now Available!

California businesses with regulated manufacturing facilities are required to review and submit information regarding the Hazardous Materials Business Plan, Hazardous Waste Inventory, Underground Storage Tanks and more.

Did you recently receive a notice of violation from the City of Los Angeles Fire Department? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Current customers receive a discounted rate! Call us for more information.

Certified Small Business by the Department of General Services

Certified DBE/MBE by the California Unified Certification Program

Don’t see your waste on the list?

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